Thanksgiving Planning Guide for Your Chicagoland Home!

pilgrimsAre you hosting Thanksgiving this year at your Chicagoland home? Lucky you! Considering the big day is tomorrow, you don’t have much time left to plan. As your Chicagoland real estate agent, I’ve gathered some last-minute planning tips and safety tips to ensure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.

First off, here are some questions to ask yourself before guests begin arriving tomorrow:

  1. Do you have enough chairs for everyone? If not, start making some phone calls to ask your guests to bring folding chairs. Make sure your table is long enough, too! If you have room, add a centerpiece to the table, even if it’s just a collection of some nice candles.
  2. Is your refrigerator clean? Chances are, your guests will be in and out of the fridge and freezer at some point in the night, whether to help you out, grab snacks or fill a cup with ice. Wipe a cloth over your shelves and get rid of any old leftovers! You’ll need the space for new leftovers, anyway.
  3. Do you have a timeline for tomorrow? Make a list of menu items and determine how long each one will take to cook or heat. Decide what time you’d like to serve dinner and then determine which dishes will go in the oven first. Work down your list from there.
  4. Are you serving beverages? Whether it’s a full bar or just water and pop, it’d be smart to set up a beverage station away from the counters, oven and dining room table area. Set up a folding table with pop, cups and ice, and whatever else you’d like to serve.

Tips for the day of Thanksgiving:

  • Set the table.
  • Set up the beverage station.
  • Do last-minute cleaning, such as vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down countertops and cleaning bathroom sinks.
  • Tune into the parade on TV so you can enjoy yourself while prepping the food.
  • Work your way down your timeline.
  • Enjoy your company!

The more you do ahead of time, the more you can enjoy the actual holiday. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • If a grease fire starts, don’t throw water on it. Water makes it worse. Instead, put it out with a combination of flour and baking soda.
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets, and don’t bother lighting them in busy areas, such as the foyer or family room. Only use them as décor, where they won’t get knocked over.
  • Follow food guidelines. Store appetizer dips and leftovers in the refrigerator within an hour of serving. The longer they remain out in room temperature, the closer you get to having to throw them out.

For more tips on Thanksgiving planning, check out this DIY Network article. Remember, the main thing to remember is that even though hosting a holiday is a lot of work, it’s also a lot of fun. As your Chicagoland real estate agent, I hope you enjoy showing off your Chicagoland home to your guests, and that you enjoy your food!

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